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The benefits of Digital Dictation versus Tape Dictation

People have been dictating onto tapes for many years so why change to digital dictation? Why, because the benefits of digital are huge.

The sound quality of digital is far superior which means that the secretary/transcriber can type faster and more accurately which equates to higher productivity levels.

Authors can insert and over-write easily with digital files using a digital recorder or a dictation app (we recommend the Dictamus Smartphone app). Each file is separate which means that secretaries can find each file easily and not have to search through an entire tape to find the urgent dictation.

It’s costly to replace your old dictation recorders and tapes and far more cost effective to purchase digital recorders. After years of use tapes become faulty and can sometimes break which means that the author may have to re-dictate their work which results in a decrease in productivity.

Digital dictation software allows you to prioritise files and your secretary can see at a glance which ones to transcribe first.

There is increased flexibility with the ability to dictate anywhere and at any time and send your files to your secretary for typing. Your workforce can be in any or multiple locations.

Digital files are the way forward to increase productivity and flexibility with a significant return on investment.

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