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iVano Digital Dictation Management Software

iVano Digital Dictation Management Software is an award winning cloud based workflow management solution. iVano dictation management allows the prioritisation of dictation, monitoring of file progress and identification of bottlenecks within your organisation. Contact us today to start your free 7 day trial.

Outsourced Typing

Based in the UK, Transcribe UK Ltd is a sister company of iVano Solutions that provides an outsourced typing service for Business, Medical, Legal and Media clients with turnaround times to suit your needs. Contact Transcribe UK today to discuss your outsourced transcription requirements.

Straight From Your Mouth, To Your Inbox – 24 Hours Per Day

Dictate or record into a digital recorder or use our recommended Dictate + Connect or Dictamus dictation app for Smartphones and tablets to upload your audio files directly into iVano.

Transcribed documents can be sent directly to your inbox or  login to download your documents.